Saturday, 13 December 2014

Brand Spotlight | Acne Studios

 With the Nordic countries truly in the limelight for incredible design and innovation, one of the best selling brands and world renowned 'ACNE Studios' must be pretty good mustn't it?
ACNE Studios began life in 1997 with the cofounder Jonny Johansson expanding his innovative ideas and delving into a much broader spectrum of fashion after his 'raw denim jeans with red stitching' idea was noticed by both Wallpaper magazine and Vogue Paris. ACNE Studios had perviously been a part of a creative collective 'ACNE'. Since becoming a standalone store in 2006 and launching themselves into the world of ecommerce, ACNE Studios has built an 'orb' of interest and has a firm grasp on fashion lovers all around the world. 

Below are some of my favorite additions from the current stock list.

ACNE Studios is THE brand where artistic expression and creativity meets ready-to-wear fashion. Breaking rules and barriers alike; perfect for anyone looking for something different from the conventional. Some brands take a risk and it doesn't pay off (appealing to a niche cliental), ACNE is quite the opposite appealing to the masses. Everything from the clothes to the shops themselves have clearly undergone huge amounts of thought and design and really pays off. The brand also swears by a "never-out-of-stock" policy meaning you will never be left frustrated by out-of-stock items. 

Given that ACNE doesn't advertise it is surprising that the brand is so engraved in the brains any fashionista who considerer themselves in the know. It's only (kind of) form of advertising is the 'ACNE Paper'. Both a visual and intellectual masterpiece the paper itself explores more than just fashion but all kinds of design and thinking. The cliental ACNE appeal to consider more than just a halo of talk and hype about the brand, but are appealed by the deeper meaning, vision and identity of the brand. That is why ACNE Studios is a niche and simply incredible fashion house.