Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Item Spotlight 1 | George Cox Black Leather Pointed Toe Creeper (3705) (3 Eyelet)

PRODUCT OVERVIEW – The George Cox Black Leather Pointed Toe Creeper(3705) (3 Eyelet) (£175) were bought from the amazingly unique British Boot Company in Camden. Creeper soled shoes are a real inclination for many designers at the moment, YvesSaint Laurent are one of these, proving that creepers really are back in fashion. However, George Cox offers a top quality shoe for less than half of the price of YSL and they are MADE IN ENGLAND in Northamptonshire.

THE QUALITYThese shoes are hand made and you really can tell this. Many shoes purchased on the high street have the ‘mass produced feel’. This is definitely not apparent with these 3705’s. The leather is smooth and a very good quality. Surely there is a reason for Johhny Depp investing in a pair of this exact model?
DURABILITY – As the leather is such good quality, very little wear can be seen even after wearing the shoes 3 months. However, the soles have begun to wear slightly. This is not a design fault but one of the downfalls of buying creepers. Any sole wears down overtime; due to the soft rubber sole of any creeper shoe the wear can be much quicker and quite noticeable. You can find yourself almost adjusting your walking style as you become more aware of the problem. The sole is also a creamy colour which, with a couple of wears, looks dirty.  But with a little care you can make the creepers last much longer. These Cox’ shoes feature their own ‘heat seal sole’ which is, for a creeper, amazing quality.

DETAILS - When paying close to £200 one would expect something pretty unique. The detailing on the shoe itself really adds to the overall look. The weave like stitching and triangle detailing on the front and side of the shoe adds a subtle yet impacting aesthetic to the creeper. AND if you are really into the little details of shoes, the inside features a small ‘MADE IN ENGLAND’, the make and size of the shoe in blank ink, thus creating a real authentic feel about the shoe.

OVERALL OPINION To conclude, these shoes are a definite recommendation. Bought before the ‘Creeper trend’ came back round, the shoe has a real ‘expensive’ feel about it. You can tell that George Cox has many years of experience behind them and you can feel the history behind such an iconic shoe. Even though creepers are less durable than most shoes, the way they look before they come to the end of their peak is certainly worth the price. If you are looking for an alternative shoe to what you see all the time on the high street and a real high quality product that is currently coming up to the height of it’s trend, the George Cox Black Leather Pointed Toe Creeper (3705) (3 Eyelet) will certainly not leave you regretting your choice.