Friday, 26 September 2014

Autumn Walks 3 | Statement Trousers

THE OVERALL LOOK - A plain look can be quickly transformed by a pair of unorthodox trousers.
T-shirt - COS (£19)
Belt - Topman (£12)
Trousers - Topman LTD (£45)
Socks - Nike (£14 - Pack of Six)
Shoes - George Cox 3705 (£175)
A CASUAL TAKE ON THE CROPPED TWEED TROUSER LOOK - If you are wearing smart standout trousers, varying tops can give a totally different feel to your outfit. For example, pairing the trousers with a t-shirt can achieve a much more relaxed outcome and a shirt viscera. Don't be afraid to try a slightly more relaxed vibe. Unfortunately, the trousers shown were bought a while ago so are no longer stocked on Topman. You can however pick up some cropped trousers from almost any fashion brand at the moment as they are certainly 'in fashion'. Wooyoungmi (£305) always stock amazing trousers with their main attributes being amazing cuts and overall quality. If you are looking for something a little more subtle but still keeping the quality cut, Balenciaga (£345) is the place to go, as the current collection consists of very little colour. Balenciaga is a perfect designer to purchase staple items from. If you are looking for a cheaper option, ASOS offer many different trouser cuts or with Topman (£35) you can buy good quality trousers in alternative colours for a great price.

CLASSIC BLACK TOP - When wearing either brightly coloured or eccentrically patterned trousers, the easiest top to complete the look is a plain, block coloured t-shirt or shirt. A t-shirt is one of the simplest items to buy as pretty much every shop on the planet sells them but if you are into the finer details when it comes to fashion, paying more will usually mean you end up with a product that will last longer and will also feel/look much nicer. COS is a good place to start for plain t-shirts as all of their clothes have amazing cuts meaning the way they 'sit' on your body is remarkable. Acne Studios (£75) is a similar brand to COS but is both better made and will be a slightly better fit.  Comme Des Garcons (£63.54) also have amazing, simple t-shirts (with a pretty cool logo). If not, anything from H&M to River Island offer cheap basic T-shirts.

COFFEE RECOMMENDATIONS - A Caramel/Vanilla latte is a bit different from the conventional cappuccino. HOWEVER, avoid the seasonal 'Pumpkin Spiced Latte' from Starbucks. It seems to be a favorite of many people; if you like the taste of plastic, then definitely give it a go.
WHITE SOCKS - A favorite of Michael Jacksons but you can't argue with how they look. They compliment any, especially black, shoes contrasting to create another element to the look. They are also incredibly versatile, comfy and durable too. Nike sports socks are unbeatable when it comes to this item. 
If you want to know more about these shoes, have a look at the item spotlight on these George Cox 3705s. 

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Playlist Of The Month | 1

1. Alt-J - Every other Freckle 
2. Bipolar Sunshine - Rivers
3. The Kooks - Down
4. The Family Rain - Carnival
5. SBTRKT - New Dorp New York

Friday, 19 September 2014

Autumn Walks 2 | The Beginning Of Those Colder Days

THE OVERALL LOOK- As the weather gets colder, explore the key trends that will keep you looking sharp while keeping warm.
Coat - Charity Shop (£30)
T-shirt - American Apparel (£30)
Jeans - Cheap Monday (£49)
Socks - COS (£5)
Shoes - Loake (860) 'British Boot Company exclusive' (£245)

SHEARLING COAT - Shearling lined coats are a big trend this fall/winter. Pair it with the right outfit, whether it's oversized or fitted; it can look amazing. A big charity shop seller at the moment, you can pick them up for cheap (Pictured - £30) or go for a higher end design with both Burberry (£3,295) and Berluti (£5,950) offering a similarly lined coat. Do however make sure you take the necessary precautions when wearing a coat like this as water may damage the hide.

DRESSING FOR THE TEMPERATURE- Sometimes, as you will probably know, the temperature in the UK (and other places!) is a bit 'in between'. Pair a warmer jacket with a cotton t-shirt (pictured tee - American Apparel - £30) for a considered and still seasonal look. A striped tee as opposed to a plain solid colour can add a different texture and dimension to the look.

BLACK JEANS - Whatever your preference in fit, you can't argue with black jeans; possibly the most versatile item of clothing you could own (along with a white oxford shirt?). You can pick up a pair of black jeans from almost anywhere depending on your budget. A good place to start is Cheap Monday (pictured - £49) who boast a huge range of different fits. A possible good place to start if you don't have a preference yet. Visiting one of their stores is suggested, but shops such as Urban Outfitters also stock Cheap Monday. Really, you can pick up a pair of black jeans from anywhere from Topman to Yves Saint Laurent.

LONG(er) HAIR - So many more men are opting for longer hair recently. It can form a frame for your face and if you choose the correct products it can look great. Kiehls is great for hair and skin products. Use Kiehl's 'Creative Cream Wax' (£16) for a great hold throughout the day. It's also non-greasy, adding for a natural effortless look.  

MAKE OR BREAK - Shoes either enhance or totally ruin an outfit so making the right choice is important. There are so many shoes to choose from but this fall/winter a very popular choice for men is chunky soled shoes; whether it's a pair of boots (another popular choice), a pair of Brogues or even Creepers. If practical is what you are looking for, the Loake Black Smooth Leather Brogue Boot (860) (pictured - £245) is a great option. They are equally as comfortable as stylish and a 'British Boot Company' exclusive, Made In England. There are 'higher end' options too with likes of Thom Browne (£840) , Givenchy (£820) and Grenson (£450).  Alternativley, Ben Sherman (£115) offer a good quality brogue boot for a lower price.

A GREAT MUSIC TASTE - A good music is important for any man; making conversation or escaping to new worlds when relaxing or working. A recommendation is The Black Keys. They come under the genre of 'rock' and have a 'blues rock' vibe.

THE DETAILS - Men can't get away with the 'in your face' jewellery that women wear; but a item here and there can make a huge impact. A silver bracelet can compliment almost any outfit, smart or casual. The pictured bracelet is 'Sterling Silver', one similar can be obtained in most jewellery stores.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Item Spotlight 1 | George Cox Black Leather Pointed Toe Creeper (3705) (3 Eyelet)

PRODUCT OVERVIEW – The George Cox Black Leather Pointed Toe Creeper(3705) (3 Eyelet) (£175) were bought from the amazingly unique British Boot Company in Camden. Creeper soled shoes are a real inclination for many designers at the moment, YvesSaint Laurent are one of these, proving that creepers really are back in fashion. However, George Cox offers a top quality shoe for less than half of the price of YSL and they are MADE IN ENGLAND in Northamptonshire.

THE QUALITYThese shoes are hand made and you really can tell this. Many shoes purchased on the high street have the ‘mass produced feel’. This is definitely not apparent with these 3705’s. The leather is smooth and a very good quality. Surely there is a reason for Johhny Depp investing in a pair of this exact model?
DURABILITY – As the leather is such good quality, very little wear can be seen even after wearing the shoes 3 months. However, the soles have begun to wear slightly. This is not a design fault but one of the downfalls of buying creepers. Any sole wears down overtime; due to the soft rubber sole of any creeper shoe the wear can be much quicker and quite noticeable. You can find yourself almost adjusting your walking style as you become more aware of the problem. The sole is also a creamy colour which, with a couple of wears, looks dirty.  But with a little care you can make the creepers last much longer. These Cox’ shoes feature their own ‘heat seal sole’ which is, for a creeper, amazing quality.

DETAILS - When paying close to £200 one would expect something pretty unique. The detailing on the shoe itself really adds to the overall look. The weave like stitching and triangle detailing on the front and side of the shoe adds a subtle yet impacting aesthetic to the creeper. AND if you are really into the little details of shoes, the inside features a small ‘MADE IN ENGLAND’, the make and size of the shoe in blank ink, thus creating a real authentic feel about the shoe.

OVERALL OPINION To conclude, these shoes are a definite recommendation. Bought before the ‘Creeper trend’ came back round, the shoe has a real ‘expensive’ feel about it. You can tell that George Cox has many years of experience behind them and you can feel the history behind such an iconic shoe. Even though creepers are less durable than most shoes, the way they look before they come to the end of their peak is certainly worth the price. If you are looking for an alternative shoe to what you see all the time on the high street and a real high quality product that is currently coming up to the height of it’s trend, the George Cox Black Leather Pointed Toe Creeper (3705) (3 Eyelet) will certainly not leave you regretting your choice.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Autumn Walks 1 | Practical AND Stylish

THE OVERALL LOOK - Wearing wellingtons and not looking like a farmer is quite difficult but it can be done. Delve into the ways of making wellington boots look fashionable.
Sunglasses - Italian Market Stall (
Jumper - COS (£59)
Jeans - Cheap Monday (£55)
Wellington Boots - Hunter (£95)

A NEW WAY TO WEAR GLASSES - You may think glasses are just to protect your eyes (and look cool) but they are actually pretty good at keeping your hair off your face too. This style is especially good for men with longer hair in windier weather.

STYLISH WELLINGTON BOOTS? - Very few 'wellies' look good and that's a fact. But if you invest in a good pair, they will look 100 times better and last 100 times longer too. These Original Tall Wellington Boots by Hunter (£95) seem to be the ones everyone chooses and there's a reason for that; comfort and a fashion-forward style. The cost may seem pretty steep, but if you are a festival goer you can use them in Summer as well. You can wear them with a stylish outfit and it won't ruin the look. You can also snap up a pair from Le Chameau (£255) with leather linings and even a stylish sole. If you are after a pair at a lower price, Lowther (£35) are still a very stylish looking boot.

CHUNKY KNIT CREW NECK JUMPER Paying a little more money for a well made jumper is certainly worth it as it will more than likely last you years. A jumper is a real staple item and can be worn at almost anytime of the year (especially in the UK). The pictured jumper from COS (£59) is definitely recommended. It's very warm yet practical and if treated well, making sure you don't catch the thick knit on anything, is very durable. A real classic shape and  an easy piece to throw on during clausal days or a smarter look in colder weather. Alternatively you can buy a slightly cheaper jumper from Topman (£38) or a higher end product from Rick Owens (£368)
SUNGLASSES - You don't have to pay huge amounts of money for a nice looking pair of sunglasses. The glasses pictured were bought for 9 from an Italian market stall in Sicily. Tortoise shell glasses are a real classic and a timeless fashion piece. Picking the right glasses for your face shape is also worth baring in mind. If you do want to invest in an expensive pair, Oliver Peoples (£230-270) glasses are a perfect buy and a great investment. 
THE DETAILS - Wearing two or three rings can add a new aspect to an outfit. The rings pictured are gold but silver ones can look equally as good depending on the outfit (if you are wearing all black!). Yves Saint Laurent stock a huge range of amazing jewelry for a higher end product. The Great Frog also have an incredible selection of rings ranging in prices from around £75 - £370 if you like a slightly more 'grungy' look.