Monday, 24 November 2014

Playlist Of The Month | 3

1. Bombay Bicycle Club - Luna
2. The Strypes - You Can't Judge A Book By The Cover

3. The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony
4. London Grammar - Wicked Game (Chris Isaak Cover)
5. Swim Deep - King City

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Autumn Walks 6 | Better In Leather

THE OVERALL LOOK - One of the many ways to style a leather jacket.
Leather Jacket - Lewis Leathers (Vintage - £740) 
Shirt - Rokit Clothing (£30)
Polar Neck - Topman (£24) 
Belt - Topman (£12)
Jeans - Cheap Monday (£49)
Socks - Nike (£14 - Pack of 6)
Shoes - George Cox (£175) 

Ring - The Great Frog (£90)
Skull Bracelet - Vivienne Westwood (£105)
DENIM IS BACK FOR S/S '15 - If you are one to follow fashion trends, denim has made a huge return to both catwalk and street wear. Denim is one of the easiest fabrics to style and also probably the easiest to pick up from the highstreet. Topman (£36) will always be a good place to look for plenty of fairly priced denim shirts. The one in this shoot was purchased from Brick Lane in a popular vintage shop named Rokit. I used to be a much bigger fan of the 'vintage look' opting for the typical options of crazy palm print shirts. Since moving into a slightly more minimalistic taste in clothes, it's been harder to find pieces that I really like. It is however possible if you have the patience and is, sometimes, far more satisfying when you find a real bargain instead of forking out a small fortune. However, you can find real quality denim that is certainly worth paying for and is guaranteed to last years. For a slightly more laid back yet smart look, opt for a Polo Ralph Lauren denim shirt (£120) or Armani (£150)  for a slightly darker wash denim. You can also watch the British GQ's Trend Report on denim.
LEWIS LEATHERS - This is a real quality leather jacket. It's not hard to see why the likes of Alex Turner and Kate Moss have worn this brand. I was lucky enough to be given this jacket by my Dad when I wasn't old enough to understand just how incredible it is. This is 'The Monza' version that Lewis Leathers stock and in my opinion, it's the nicest looking one. Take a look here and browse the previous wearers of this brand. 
THE DETAILING - As you can see this jacket consists of many incredible details. From the quilted padding on the shoulders to the contrasting deep red colour on the inside of the jacket and the astonishing heavy duty zips, everything screams quality.  All Lewis Leathers Jackets are hand made and made to measure so make sure if you do choose to purchase one, you send the correct measurements OR take a visit to their store in London. If you are interested in other brands to pick up a leather jacket from, check out Schott ($670 - $875), Whistles (£395) or ASOS (varying) to find varying leather jackets (in both price and style).
LAYERING - As mentioned in my previous blog post you can try out some different layering.  A polar neck under a denim shirt is not the norm. With a leather jacket it looks amazing

A MIX OF CULTURES - The beauty of the world we live in today is that there aren't so many constraints (in a fashion sense) when it comes to mixing the cultures. The iconic Creepers and Drainpipe look was adopted by 'Teddy Boys' in the 1950s while the leather jacket was adored by every 'Rocker' in the '60s. Always mix and match styles to create your own look. Don't necessarily listen to what you 'should' and 'shouldn't' wear. 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Autumn Walks 5 | Unorthodox Layering

THE OVERALL LOOK - An unorthodox way to wear the classic polar neck.
Coat - Topman (£90)
Jumper - American Apparel - Natural (£66)
Polar Neck - Topman (£24)
Jeans - Cheap Monday (£49)
Shoes - Dr. Martens (£135)
 (No longer available online) 
FISHERMAN'S PULLOVER- If you are looking for a perfect year round jumper, this American Apparel Crew neck (£66) is a must. When the weather is slightly colder this jumper can be layered with almost anything.  The quality is incredible as the jumper is very soft and durable as long as you don't catch the chunky knit on anything. American Apparel stock this jumper in a variety of amazing colours and I personally will be purchasing a few more colours (the Lilac, Burgundy and White Confetti). If you are looking for a similar jumpers Club Monaco offer some nice choices ( Donegal Wool Sweater (£150) and Cashmere Fisherman Sweater ($698) ), Burberry (£450) always sell unbeatable products or for a much cheaper option, Topman (£32) offer a good quality textured crew. 
Unorthodox Layering - Trying something different doesn't always lead to amazing outcomes but when done correctly it can create an interesting and head turning outfit. My inspiration for this layering came from the recent 'GQ Style' in the section 'Pinstripe Punk'. Putting a polar neck under another jumper wouldn't conventionally work, but this particular one is very thin,light weight and perfect for laying. Don't be afraid to try something different.

The Perfect Brogue - Brogues are an incredibly versatile shoe whether you are aiming for a smart or casual effect. These shoes were purchased last December, and in true Doctor Marten style have only got better with wear. The shoes have been worn almost everyday since being bought in varying environments; work and weddings. Brogues can sometimes be quite uncomfortable and, to be honest, when first purchased these were too. After about a week of wear they felt like slippers. As you can see, they aren't your conventional brogues being slightly more 'chunky' and feature a 'fish skin' effect. If you would like to acquire a similar pair, Loake (£175) have a pair without the fish skin, or Dr. Martens themselves have some diverse options including the aesthetically pleasing MADE IN ENGLAND Emmet Shoe (£300).

WHY THIS OUTFIT IS SO GOOD  - The layering of this outfit is really handy. On the day of this particular shoot it was very cold and because of the two jumpers, I was certainly warm. However, my day also consisted of shopping. Almost all shops seem to over-do the hot temperatures in their stores and the contrast between the cold outside and boiling inside can leave you overheating. With this outfit simply take off your coat when entering a shop and the contrasting temperatures are no where near as harsh.