Sunday, 21 December 2014

Playlist Of The Month | 4

1. Lana Del Rey - Fucked My Way Up To The Top
2. The Neighbourhood - Let It Go

3. Aluna George - Your Drums, Your Love 
4. The 1975 - Menswear 
5. Findlay - Off & On 

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Brand Spotlight | Acne Studios

 With the Nordic countries truly in the limelight for incredible design and innovation, one of the best selling brands and world renowned 'ACNE Studios' must be pretty good mustn't it?
ACNE Studios began life in 1997 with the cofounder Jonny Johansson expanding his innovative ideas and delving into a much broader spectrum of fashion after his 'raw denim jeans with red stitching' idea was noticed by both Wallpaper magazine and Vogue Paris. ACNE Studios had perviously been a part of a creative collective 'ACNE'. Since becoming a standalone store in 2006 and launching themselves into the world of ecommerce, ACNE Studios has built an 'orb' of interest and has a firm grasp on fashion lovers all around the world. 

Below are some of my favorite additions from the current stock list.

ACNE Studios is THE brand where artistic expression and creativity meets ready-to-wear fashion. Breaking rules and barriers alike; perfect for anyone looking for something different from the conventional. Some brands take a risk and it doesn't pay off (appealing to a niche cliental), ACNE is quite the opposite appealing to the masses. Everything from the clothes to the shops themselves have clearly undergone huge amounts of thought and design and really pays off. The brand also swears by a "never-out-of-stock" policy meaning you will never be left frustrated by out-of-stock items. 

Given that ACNE doesn't advertise it is surprising that the brand is so engraved in the brains any fashionista who considerer themselves in the know. It's only (kind of) form of advertising is the 'ACNE Paper'. Both a visual and intellectual masterpiece the paper itself explores more than just fashion but all kinds of design and thinking. The cliental ACNE appeal to consider more than just a halo of talk and hype about the brand, but are appealed by the deeper meaning, vision and identity of the brand. That is why ACNE Studios is a niche and simply incredible fashion house. 

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Autumn Walks 7 | Alternative Tartan

THE OVERALL LOOK - Add subtle texture and patten to a simple look.
Coat - Topman (£90)
Jumper - Jigsaw (£125)
Polar Neck - Topman (£24)
Trousers - Cheap Monday (£49)
Socks - Nike (£14 - Pack of 6)
Shoes - Loake (£245 - British Boot Company Exclusive)

THE JUMPER - When I saw this jumper I had to buy it. Jigsaw currently stock some amazing pieces including a pair amazing Tartan Trousers (£125). I haven't shopped there before and never considered it either, but that is set to change. The merino wool means the piece is of outstanding quality whilst the subtle pattern gives a hint of tartan without being too overwhelming. There are a few other options if you are looking for a tartan jumper - Fred Perry (£105) and Lyle & Scott (£100)

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Item Spotlight 3 | Men's Grooming Essentials

PRODUCTS - All the facial skincare necessities a man will ever need. 
1. Kiehl's - Facial Fuel Moisturiser  (£29)
2. Kiehl's - No Shine Moisturising Lip Balm (£9)
3. Kiehl's - Creative Cream Wax (£16)
4. Bumble and Bumble - Surf Spray (£9.50)
5. Kiehl's - Facial Fuel Face Wash (£17.50)
6. Kiehl's - Oil Eliminator Toner (£18) 
7. The Body Shop - Seaweed Facial Exfoliator (£10)

I clean my skin every morning and evening with 'Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Face Wash' (5). This is a gel clenser for all skin types. It's not drying like other products I have used in the past and also leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized - perfect especially for the winter months when skin can become irritated. 

The next step in my routine is the 'Kiehl's Oil Eliminator Toner' (6). You should always use a toner after cleansing as it clarifies your skin further and closes pores; preparing your skin for the moisturiser and preventing potential breakouts. My skin can become shiny later in the day. As this toner is a spray it's perfect to carry around and to use at any point. Most toners require cotton pads to apply so this is another reason why this toner is so good! It prevents shine in the t-zone area; the cooling affect really helps in the summer as you are more prone to oily skin in hotter temperatures.

Finish off your daily routine with the 'Kiehl's Facial Fuel Energizing Moisturiser' (1) that contains both vitamins and caffeine to rejuvenate and awaken your skin. Many of my past moisturisers either made my skin oily, brake out or didn't appear to moisturize at all. This certainly isn't the case with this Kiehl's product.   My skin looks brighter, more vibrant and pores appear less visible after use. 

 I only used 'The Body Shop Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator' (7) every other day to every three days to remove any dead skin cells. I find that if I use it any more frequently than this, my skin becomes excessively dry. This may be because this is for oily/combination skin - if this is your skin type I would recommend using it more frequently. The Seaweed range by The Body Shop is specific for pore refining and mattifying skin

The 'Kiehl's Lip Balm' (2) is specially formulated for men meaning it's great for hydrating your lips without looking like you are wearing a lip product as it is matte. Once again this is perfect for the winter as, if you are anything like me, you will suffer from chapped lips in the cold. It has a subtle mint flavor which is by no means overwhelming but is a nice touch to round off the product. 

When it comes to hair products I have always sworn by the saying 'less is more'. I use the 'Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray' (4) and 'Kiehls Creative Cream Wax' (3) - both are very subtle but do an amazing job. The surf spray adds volume to wavy hair (or any kind!) increasing the texture and body. The point to surf spray is to create waves for a beach like effect. I tend to use it on wet hair and manipulate it by using a diffuser on a low heat setting. There are many 'surf spray' products on the market but Bumble and Bumble is a classic and the best I have used. After, use the 'Creative Cream Wax' to perfect and finalise your desired style. It again has a matte finish and gives great hold throughout the day.