Friday, 26 September 2014

Autumn Walks 3 | Statement Trousers

THE OVERALL LOOK - A plain look can be quickly transformed by a pair of unorthodox trousers.
T-shirt - COS (£19)
Belt - Topman (£12)
Trousers - Topman LTD (£45)
Socks - Nike (£14 - Pack of Six)
Shoes - George Cox 3705 (£175)
A CASUAL TAKE ON THE CROPPED TWEED TROUSER LOOK - If you are wearing smart standout trousers, varying tops can give a totally different feel to your outfit. For example, pairing the trousers with a t-shirt can achieve a much more relaxed outcome and a shirt viscera. Don't be afraid to try a slightly more relaxed vibe. Unfortunately, the trousers shown were bought a while ago so are no longer stocked on Topman. You can however pick up some cropped trousers from almost any fashion brand at the moment as they are certainly 'in fashion'. Wooyoungmi (£305) always stock amazing trousers with their main attributes being amazing cuts and overall quality. If you are looking for something a little more subtle but still keeping the quality cut, Balenciaga (£345) is the place to go, as the current collection consists of very little colour. Balenciaga is a perfect designer to purchase staple items from. If you are looking for a cheaper option, ASOS offer many different trouser cuts or with Topman (£35) you can buy good quality trousers in alternative colours for a great price.

CLASSIC BLACK TOP - When wearing either brightly coloured or eccentrically patterned trousers, the easiest top to complete the look is a plain, block coloured t-shirt or shirt. A t-shirt is one of the simplest items to buy as pretty much every shop on the planet sells them but if you are into the finer details when it comes to fashion, paying more will usually mean you end up with a product that will last longer and will also feel/look much nicer. COS is a good place to start for plain t-shirts as all of their clothes have amazing cuts meaning the way they 'sit' on your body is remarkable. Acne Studios (£75) is a similar brand to COS but is both better made and will be a slightly better fit.  Comme Des Garcons (£63.54) also have amazing, simple t-shirts (with a pretty cool logo). If not, anything from H&M to River Island offer cheap basic T-shirts.

COFFEE RECOMMENDATIONS - A Caramel/Vanilla latte is a bit different from the conventional cappuccino. HOWEVER, avoid the seasonal 'Pumpkin Spiced Latte' from Starbucks. It seems to be a favorite of many people; if you like the taste of plastic, then definitely give it a go.
WHITE SOCKS - A favorite of Michael Jacksons but you can't argue with how they look. They compliment any, especially black, shoes contrasting to create another element to the look. They are also incredibly versatile, comfy and durable too. Nike sports socks are unbeatable when it comes to this item. 
If you want to know more about these shoes, have a look at the item spotlight on these George Cox 3705s.