Monday, 27 October 2014

Recommended Reads 1 | HERO Magazine

HERO Magazine - Published only twice a year in April and October, HERO Magazine is a publication like no other. Featuring some of the most prestigious photographers (Hedi Slimane) juxtaposed with some much lesser known figures, HERO doesn't stick to the usual constraints of most mainstream magazines exploring much broader realms and horizons. HERO is a 'fashion magazine' but don't be fooled by the name, this isn't your usual advert filled supplement. 
INTERVIEWS - HERO always explores not only people in the fashion limelight but also delves into social and cultural issues. Many of the interview techniques make the issues at hand easily digestible even when tackling some more difficult and complex subjects. A very poignant interview to me was when Linda Papadopoulos voiced her opinions (HERO 11) on the younger generation of today and how the current climate, including technology and other issues, affects the way they think. In short, HERO explores all walks of life.

THE UNORTHODOX LAYOUT - The magazine contains an incredible amount of visual feasts.  From the main text body to the photos themselves, every inch of the magazine is thought out and considered. Anyone and everyone will appreciate the artistic flair

POETIC JUSTICE - This is just one example of thousands as to why this magazine is amazing. You won't find a gritty poem (or any kind for that matter) in a conventional fashion magazine. 

THE OVERALL EFFECT - This is a magazine that you truly won't want to ever end. There is something amazing that your can't quite put your finger on. It could possibly be the fact that it is only released twice a year so you won't ever over indulge, or a mix of the eclectic content and visual masterpieces. The content almost has an 'underground' feel and tends to stray away from mainstream media and leaves you feeling enlightened.
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